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Welcome to the one-name study associated with the PLUCK and PLUCKROSE surnames. It is here to help family historians who, like me, have found a Pluck or a Pluckrose in their ancestry.

Derrick George Porter the author of this site sadly passed away in November 2019. He had spent a great number of years building this website and compiling the data for it. This web site and its data is free to anyone wishing to continue this One Name Study. I am Andrew Adams his son-in-law and have his Custodian database and will happily pass this on. If you would like more infomation please contact me on


What is a One-Name Study?

A one-name study is the research into the genealogy and family history of all persons with the same name, or its variants. Many 'one-namers' belong to the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS). More information about the Guild can be found at the GOONS web site. I have been a member of the Guild since 2001 and my One-Name Study is registered with them (Membership No: 3675).

Why Pluck and Pluckrose?

My interest arises from my paternal grandmother, Louisa Pluck (1872-1965). I have been able to trace her origins back through a succession of Plucks, and then Pluckroses, to William Pluckrose who, together with his wife Ann Brewster, raised a family of at least six children in Ickleton, Cambridgeshire, from about 1600 onwards. They would be my 9 x great grandparents.

It wasn't until I discovered that my family line had changed from Pluckrose to Pluck at sometime around 1660, that I realised that I ought also to collect all references to Pluckrose. So it was that, when I set up my database, I had a fair number of Plucks and a few early Pluckroses, but not so many Pluckroses post-1800. However, thanks to the input from fellow Pluck and Pluckrose researchers (and untold hours connected to Ancestry) the current database now reflects the true proportions of Plucks and Pluckroses.

Click here if you want to learn more about the name-change and the distribution of the names Pluckrose and Pluck.

Historical Plucks and Pluckroses
The History section now has 636 entries ranging in date from 1216 to today. The earlier entries, in particular, provide an insight into the day-to-day life, and origins, of the Pluckroses and the Plucks, much of it from normally difficult to access records.

Finally, please do not overlook the Miscellany section which has an interesting selection of topics of various aspects of the life of the Pluckroses and Plucks.

I am bound to have made some errors, please let me know when you find them.

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